Monday, September 14, 2015

My Introduction to Human Computer Interaction

Human Computer Interaction is also referred to as Computer Human Interaction or Man Machine Interaction . Fundamental requirements of HCI is to improve the interactions between human (user) and computers by making computer systems more usable and fulfill the needs of the user. HCI studies a human and a machine jointly, it draws from supporting knowledge on both the machine and the human side. It is concerned with the joint performance of tasks by humans and machines. It improves human capabilities to use computers, algorithms and programming of the interface (user and system) itself. Engineering concerns that arise in designing and building interfaces are the process of specification, design, and implementation of interfaces and design trade-offs. Human-Computer Interaction thus has science, engineering, psychological and design aspects.The means by which humans interact with computers continues to evolve rapidly. A new approach must be put together with other driving forces that are changing and shaping the future so that its concepts are not quickly out of date. It is the need of present to develop interactive interaction technologies for future. Full investigation and knowledge aquisition is aimed in regard to capture, process and using all possible intricacies of all type of signals, speech, images, videos and languages to be handled by computers the way humans do.
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