Friday, December 11, 2015

My Introduction to Brain Computer Interface

Generally we use input devices such as mouse, keyboard to give instructions to the computer. In this way, Human Computer Interaction occurs.

We know that, there are some sensors deployed on the devices that provide data to the CPU. Systematically manipulating the sensor data we communicate with the computer.

It is applicable for every machine.

As we know, human body is also a machine like computer. Where CPU is the brain, senses are the input devices and hands and feet are the output devices etc.

To give an input to the computer through the mouse, the brain first analyses the situations like “where the mouse pointer is”, “where to click” etc. by collecting the information from eyes or any other senses. Then it (brain) transmits its instruction to the hand to react. Then hand do its job.

It seems simple.

But in case of doing multiple jobs at a time, like moving the cursor (mouse) and pressing the key on keyboard, just like playing games on PC.

It became a bit difficult, because human brains are not literally meant for multitasking. Brain has to take information about many thing simultaneously like key placement, finger placement etc. to instruct both hands.
At a simple situation, just like playing the game we face such difficulties. Just imagine for the situation like space-shuttle lunching, war commanding centre, and robotic surgery etc., where each step and each millisecond counts. And a small human error can costs a million or a billion or many life.

To minimize the error and the time gap, scientists came with the concept of Brain Computer Interaction (BCI) or Brain Machine Interaction (BMI).

Where the brain directly communicate with the computer to give instructions. Here we don’t have to move our hand or leg, we just need to THINK what we want to do.

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Credits : Siba Prasad Pati, Sumeet Roy

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